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Around 1800, a gypsy caravan came to the new-born town of springfield ,ohio . They were met with hostile greetings. As usual, the stereotypes of the gypsies being thieves, tramps, and evil people of witchcraft proceeded the caravan's arrival. The caravan had been traveling for many days, and needed to rest and get supplies. They set up camp on the outside of the town in the hills . It was near winter, so they had to get medicines and warm clothes and blankets from the town. The city officials refused to allow the gypsies into their town, saying things like: "Why don't you use your magic and witchcraft to cure your people?" As the days went by, the  gypsys became too weak to move on. Many, if not all, of the  gypsys died . They were buried, up until recently, in unmarked graves. As the years went by, people have reported strange behavior in the old gypsy camp, now known as the Gypsy Graveyard. People said that they have seen mysterious fireballs chase all non-gypsies out of the area. They have heard ghostly warnings and laughter throughout the area. Perhaps the most common of the happenings is the "Blood " that drips like dew from the grass and is only attracted to non-gypsies. Now we are opening the camp to you so you can see for your selves...